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In the age of print advertising, quantity — or the amount of advertising a company could afford to produce — was hugely important. Put simply: the more physical materials that were around to promote your products, the better.

Now, it can be argued that in the digital era, the importance of print advertising is somewhat on the decline. Today, people are relying on print mediums less and less, meaning that the scope of a company’s advertising needs to happen elsewhere. Nevertheless, the same principle about quantity can be applied to online advertising: the more people — or traffic, or unique page views — that your website attracts, the better.

But how will people find your website if they haven’t heard of you before? Search engine optimization (SEO) allows for your website to be found more easily in an online search engine’s unpaid results — a crucial component to online advertising. More often than not, people go to a search engine like Google or Bing to surf the net about a particular question they have or a topic of interest. Where should I go to grab dinner tonight? Or where can I find a dress to wear to that wedding next weekend? These are the questions we, as consumers, pose to search engines to help us make decisions. But many times, people don’t spend a lot of time conducting in-depth research on these questions: they’ll search through Google’s results, but stop once they’ve found what they’re looking for. That’s why it remains absolutely crucial for your website to come up in Google’s list of results as soon as possible — on the first page – so that you gain an edge over your competitors and more importantly, appear before a user’s patience runs out.

Search engine optimization looks at not only what kind of topics or questions people typically search on the Internet, but the reoccurring words and phrases they use when doing so. SEO services and strategy involve editing a website’s content to feature these common keywords, so that websites are more likely to pop up in search results. Another important component of search engine optimization is including more backlinks — also known as inbound links — to further draw attention and users to your website. This can be understood as a kind of digital word-of-mouth strategy that is so crucial for advertising in the digital age. To read about the other components of SEO, visit Cornerstone.

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